Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm Falling in Love...Finally

Let me first just say, it's about damn time.

For so long have I been going about life, surrounded by all things so utterly mundane, drowning in fear created by my own inability to fall in love with any of it. I was beginning to think it would never happen for me. I had come to terms with the fact that I, despite all the love I have to give, would never fall in love in return.

Looking back, I suppose it only makes sense. Time and time and time again, I have put my heart, paired with all I have to give, out on the line without reservation, never fully reciprocated. Believing I was in love so often - prepared to rip open my chest and hand over my guts. The process of rejection is exhausting, to say the least. Yet, I persisted again and again and again. Continuing down my path on this excursion, anxiously peering around in hopes of discovering anything that would accept my love.

But now, things have changed.

I'm finally falling in love.

I'm not falling in love with any one person. A knight in shinning armor has not appeared out of the dusk, swooping me up onto his trusty steed onto our own happily ever after.

Rather, I have found the strength to fall in love with every person, everything, every experience, everyday. I have decided to be my own Prince Charming, creating my own fairy tale ending.

After the immense effort to keep any passionate feelings of love bottled up on a daily basis, I have decided to let that go. I want every aspect of my life to overflow with honest, genuine love, drowning out anything that is not.

I choose to fall in love with every day. I play in the sun when it shines, and appreciate the rain that fuels the earth.

I will share love with each face I meet, each hand I shake. People are good. When people are not loved or cared for properly, they stray from their ability to see, do and accept good. I choose to cover those people in love. With the correct circumstances, people are good.

You owe it to yourself to fall in love with your daily life, simply because you are alive. Think about that. You are alive.

In no way do I mean to imply that falling in love is easy. I would branch out to say that it is quite the opposite. It is difficult to override negative feelings. Yet, oddly enough, it is important to acknowledge negativity, as it is only natural. Give sadness, anger, jealousy or confusion the attention they deserve. Feel all of your emotions, and then choose to bathe them in love.

I'm falling in love not because everything is perfect, but because everything that is so beautifully, frustratingly and uniquely flawed has brought me where I am right now, exactly where I am supposed to be.

Lastly, never forget that love is always worth it. No matter how short lived, or how painful the ending may be.

Love is always worth it.
© Unapologetic
Maira Gall