Thursday, January 1, 2015

Remembering 2014

Happy New Year!
2014 flew by, but it was by far the best year I've ever had. I made so many accomplishments, reached several milestones and made a few leaps of faith. Although I'm sad to leave it all in the past, I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds. Here are some of my favorite
memories from 2014.

The Apple Rays

My first and only year as a Stingray Allstar, but easily my favorite year of cheerleading. Wearing blue and green at competitions and representing such an incredible gym was a feeling like no other. My 19+ (due to injuries and absences) other teammates are the hardest working girls I've ever met, and having the opportunity to take the floor with them was such a blessing. Our coaches, Robyn, Deonte and Courtney always believed in and loved us. Their honesty and passion made us the team we were. I miss this team with all my heart!

College Acceptance

Being incredibly indecisive and feeling the pressure to choose the "right" school, I ended up applying to a lot of different colleges. I had a tough decision to make since I was accepted to every single school I applied to. I did not expect to have so many options, but was so humbled to have been wanted by so many great universities. Ultimately, I went with my first choice and committed to Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Go mountaineers!

Bob Weir & Ratdog

I got to see Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead play at the Tabernacle in Atlanta! This was the best concert I've ever been to. The unique, dirty hippie atmosphere made me feel right at home. It was more of an experience than a concert with the un avoidable smell of weed in the air and huge circles of authentic 1960's hippies dancing to the music. Bob Weir is getting older, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to see him perform before he calls it quits. A little piece of The Grateful Dead in the same room as me! Now that's pretty rad.


FINALLY. After four long years, I graduated high school! Graduation was one of the most freeing days of my life. No more government controlled Georgia public schooling! Sigh of relief. Trust me kids, life gets so much better after high school. Graduating allows you to leave high school in the past, where I'm sure we'd all like for it to stay, and experience everything else the world has to offer.

Camp Able

Volunteering at Camp Able in Marco Island, Florida has become one of my favorite parts of the summer. Working with the kids regardless of their disabilities is always so much fun and very rewarding. This summer my camper's name was Kian, and he was as fun as they get! With lots of coffee, energy, patience and hugs, Kian and I had a great time at Camp Able. He was such a joy to be around. He taught me so much, and offered me so much love during our time together. By the time camp was over, I cried a little bit as I said goodbye and have missed him everyday since.


Woohoo! 18 years old! I'm finally totally legal...except for buying alcohol, renting a car or getting a hotel room. I had a great birthday and celebrated with some of my favorite people before I left for school. Although I was the last of my friends, I finally turned 18. Milestones, y'all!

Boone, North Carolina

Ah, Boone! This year I moved over 300 miles away from home to go to school at Appalachian State University. I love my school and where I live. I have made the best friends and feel so at home where I am. Virginia, Megan, Katie, Maggie, Aaron, Caroline and Jake are my Boone homies. I am so thankful for each of you! Y'all are stuck with me for the next few years. I ended my first semester of college by making the Dean's list. I can't wait to be back in Boone and start next semester.


On December 29th, James and I celebrated our anniversary. We've had so much fun together. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I'm so lucky to be dating my best friend and I would highly recommend it. For my first boyfriend, James is doing a pretty spectacular job and has set the standard very high. I don't know what the future holds for us, but regardless I'll always be thankful for the time we've had together and all that he has done for me. I owe so much to him. I'm a very lucky girl. 

Goodbye, 2014! I've enjoyed you so much!
Bring it on, 2015!

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