Monday, October 17, 2016


I encourage you to stop.

Set aside your obligations and worries, and look around. Encounter every detail in all of its intricate, natural being. Allow yourself to be awed. You are here. This is now. Don't take it for granted.

Look towards the sky. Scientists 'roughly' suggest there are 10 trillion galaxies in the universe. Astronomers estimate there are 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone. Whether or not you can see them at this moment in time, they will always remain right above you. Radiantly glowing, beautiful as ever, despite their temporary invisibility. Be sure to look at the sky more often, no matter the weather.

Pay more attention to the people surrounding you. Notice them, realizing that each stranger in front of you is living a life just as complex as yours. Every one of us is so particularly placed, moving forward in life as we make decisions and overcome obstacles. Stumbling into each other as serendipity takes control. There is an abundance of similarities between us as humans, and yet we are all so individualistic. Even the most identical set of twins have an infinite number of unique variations. No two people are the same. There has never been and will never be someone like you. Find power in that.

Give as much of your heart as you can, but be sure to leave plenty for self care. Love as often as possible. In this life, the people we surround ourselves with will be the most beautiful things we hold. Love others honestly and sincerely. Genuine, pure, healthy love, is never a waste of time. No matter how short lived or painful its ending may be. In any shape or form, love is always worth it. Hold tightly while you can, and know when to let go.

Do not seek perfection. It is boring, lifeless and flat. Open your eyes to appreciate the fine details in the life you have worked for. Awaken a love for each day you live. Stop running around with your eyes, mind and heart sealed shut. Do not leave the things that make your mind race up to chance. Life is messy and wild; serene and striking.

Your road will end. Travel well.

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