Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Sand

I've spent the past few days overflowing with thoughts and ideas. I currently have 3 different pieces saved as drafts, just waiting to be finished and posted. As a new thought pops into my head, I open the related draft and add onto it. Sometimes I wish my brain would chill, but like Leslie Knope, it has a hard time doing so. To my own confusion, my mind tends to work its hardest when my body is ready to sleep...ugh.

I got ready to send my friend and voluntary proofreader one of my unfinished pieces simply because I was getting antsy, waiting to share some of my thoughts. But, I would much rather post pieces based on quality over quantity. I am taking a step back from all of my thoughts and ideas so that I can give y'all a little life update.

This summer, I am living in Marco Island, Florida as I intern with Rector Kyle Bennett of St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Life could definitely be worse. I drove 10 hours down with my knowledge of electronic media and my camera to offer what I can. Here on the island, we are preparing for Camp Able on Marco, filled to the brim with anticipation for the campers to arrive! This summer's theme, "Once Upon a Time" has Kyle's brain running nonstop, as usual, while I try to bring his ideas to life.

St. Mark's is also giving the business of hand crafted chocolate a try. The profits go towards fueling adventures and smiles for all of our friends that attend Camp Able every summer. I have yet to master the art of chocolatiering, but with a little over a dozen Pure Chocolate bars on my resume, I can see the hope of a new profession in my future. I've had fun in the chocolate factory with Wonka Wade and all the good smells, as I learn about and film the process.

I'm excited for all the projects and experiences this summer holds, as well as the relationships with smiling strangers, who I can now call friends. My heart misses the mountain air at times, but I take the ache on with love, knowing that Boone is waiting patiently for my return. Although the beaches of South Florida are far different from the Blue Ridge Mountains I have grown to call home, I now know that the sunrise is uniquely beautiful as it awakens every new day regardless of your geographic location.

Here's to summer.

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