Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Like the Mountains

Today I am sad.
Today I am scared.

This morning I did not want to get out of bed, I stared out at the gloomy day, as the weather mirrored my mood. However, I already know far too well that life doesn't stop for anyone or anything, so I pulled myself up to face the day ahead. 

After accomplishing very little, I decided it was time to take a trip to my personal meditation studio on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I could no longer function with the abundance of thoughts dancing around my brain. Something about the view, the feeling of crisp mountain air on my face and the silence that threatens to swallow you whole never fails to clear my mind and put my size into perspective.

As I trekked up the parkway, I noticed majority of the trees stand tall and bare. A few hold on tightly to their colors, but soon they too will fall. It is a season of change. Although my heart longs to live in a world with warm orange and red leaves year round, I know that is not realistic. It is necessary that they fall because they were not created to survive the winter. A form of self-protection, almost. The leaves must die so that they can grow back, strong and healthy, to begin a new life in the spring. The loss of all those vibrant colors means that soon branches will be covered in glittering white snow. So I will fret not, since I know there is always something just as uniquely beautiful ahead.

I reach Wilson Creek Valley, my favorite overlook by far. As usual, I am absolutely floored by the view and must remind myself to breathe. The mountains stand tall and sturdy, unaffected by the dreary day or the chaos of society surrounding it. I want to be like the mountains. Fearlessly bold and impossible to miss, resiliently facing whatever the weather may bring. Silently displaying their graceful beauty without boasting. And even in the strongest storm, the mountains never fall or falter. They face what is to come head on without any fear or loss of dignity.

Today I am sad. Today I am scared. But today I decided to be like the mountains. I will not let the weather surrounding me change who I am or the kind of person I want to be. Continuing to hold my ground for the things I believe in with grace, my voice will not be ignored. This fear will not conquer me. I will stand tall and true, knowing that there is something beautiful waiting just around the corner. I will not be alone. You will not be alone. We will come together and stand strong like the mountains, and we will make it through the storms ahead. 

Love conquers all. Love will always win. 

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